New: Swarovski EL Range With Tracking Assistant In Orange

The new EL Range with Tracking Assistant binocular is now available with orange-colored armoring

posted on July 3, 2022
Swarovski Orange El Range 2
Swarovski Optik’s new EL Range with Tracking Assistant in orange (10X 42 mm pictured, MSRP: $4,110) pairs the company’s optical system with state-of-the-art rangefinder technology.
Swarovski Optik

Swarovski Optik has announced that its new EL Range with Tracking Assistant is now available with orange armoring. The EL Range series binos include enhanced rangefinder features, plus the ability to transfer ballistics data to a smartphone app. Additionally, the new tracking assistant helps narrow down the area where your last shot hit the target.

The new EL Range with Tracking Assistant also boasts “Swarovision” technology, which the company says has “perfect edge to edge sharpness, combined with color fidelity and outstanding detail resolution.” Also, compared to the original EL Range field of view of 330 feet, the new model bumps it up to 359 feet.

EL Range binos in orange
The rangefinder’s laser runs on a CR2 battery, and the company says it will power the unit for approximately 2,000 hours.


Two magnifications are available, 8X and 10X. Objective lens diameter for both models is 42 mm.

Using the built-in Bluetooth interface, three different ballistics curves can be sent to the EL Range with Tracking Assistant. While all the other settings can also be adjusted on the binocular itself, configuring ballistics must be done via the EL Range with Tracking Assistant Configurator App. The range measurement of the EL Range with Tracking Assistant is based on a travel time measurement using a laser. The range can be measured between 10.9 yards (10 meters) and 2,200 yards (2,000 meters).

After ballistic data is entered in the app, you can choose to have the EL Range with Tracking Assistant send back data letting the user know elevation corrections in the rifle scope in MOA, MRAD or clicks. Angle, temperature and air pressure are automatically measured by the EL Range with Tracking Assistant in calculating the corrections.

EL Range binocular
The 10X 42 mm model pictured here weighs 32.6 ounces. A forehead rest accessory (available separately) provides a stable three-point support for maximum stability and comfort when observing for extended periods.


The Tracking Assistant helps the hunter identify the target area by measuring back to the point where the last shot was fired. This can be done two ways, via the EL Range with Tracking Assistant or using the app.

A Forehead Rest Range is available as an accessory to provide a stable three-point support for maximum stability and comfort when observing for extended periods. It is mounted on the focusing wheel in place of the battery cover, whose function it replaces.

According to the website, MSRP starts at $3,999. Learn more about the Swarovski Optik EL Range with Tracking Assistant binos in orange color at



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