Review: Duke Cannon Supply Co. Cold Shower Face And Body Wipes

These cooling field towels from Duke Cannon aim to please.

at Adroit Operations posted on April 21, 2023
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Damien Orsinger

If you have ever spent more than two days away from a shower, in a hot climate, exerting a lot of energy doing something fun (or maybe not so fun), you know how uncomfortable and maddening it can get. For that matter, we have all spent a long day at a shooting match, only for your reward to be a lengthy drive home all covered in sweat and dirt—not an enjoyable experience.

Developed by Duke Cannon for, and in conjunction with, our brave Warfighters in the field, the Cold Shower Cooling Field Towels provide a “chilling blast” that “cleanses and protects.” Even the toughest of us can get skin chafing on those scorcher days we get where I live in Northern Virginia, and elsewhere around the country where it gets hot and humid, it doesn't take long, either. Add in a few minor scrapes and cuts, and you can see how one could quickly get uncomfortable and irritable.

Just opening this bag will make you smile if you follow the labeled directions on the front side by the perforated line where it clearly reads, “Bust this sucker open.” Not only is your skin clearer after using these aromatic wipes that have a slight toughness to them, but it’s also clear the Duke Cannon folks really do have a great sense of humor, with more labels on the back of the package taunting the opener with “Not for clowns.” For lovers of loin and grill, know that these wipes are also fantastic for recovery after those juicy steak “meat sweats” on a hot sunny day lounging by the charcoal or smoker.

Thus far, I have used the cold shower face and body wipes after a long day teaching on the range, after riding single track dirt bike trails for four hours, and between three-a-day cross training workouts at the dojo. The result every time—that cool, fresh feeling like you have after a shower. And, just wiping down the vital areas (armpits, groin area and face and neck) will make you feel noticeably refreshed, especially if you have a fresh pair of clothes, riding gear or rash guard to adorn afterwards. Even without fresh clothes, you feel far better. I’m talking from experience on that one. Your skin is left with that same feeling of silky smoothness as you get after putting on aloe cream or washing of grime and dirt that has been caked on all day.

One of the coolest things about Duke Cannon Supply Co. is their patriotism and support of our men and women in uniform. After appreciating all the humor and entertaining writings on their webpage, check out the “About Us” section and see for yourself which organizations the company supports.

From tactical scrubbers ($19.50) to “offensively large” lip balm ($9) and even big bars of soap and, of course, the aforementioned Cooling Field Towels ($10), you can get all your nostalgic backwoods (yet effective, and far better smelling) man-care needs online at


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