Review: Garmont 9.81 Heli Shoes

Garmont’s 9.81 Heli are performance-oriented shoes designed for outdoor activities and high-intensity sports.

at USPSA posted on March 28, 2023
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Garmont 9.81 Heli shoes (MSRP: $135) are well-suited to action shooting competition.
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Founded in 1964, Garmont is a global footwear brand known for its high-quality and innovative outdoor, tactical and military-style footwear.

Garmont is also known for its comfort, support and durability, as well as for products designed to meet the demands of various outdoor activities. The shoes are made with materials designed to last. Garmont offers a range of shoes for different activities, including hiking, mountaineering, military and tactical use. Shoes are designed with specific features to meet the demands of each activity, such as good traction and support for hiking, as well as rugged durability for military use.

Garmont 9.81 Heli
Garmont 9.81 Heli shoes sport a one-pull speed lacing system, plus a tongue gaiter that helps keep out dirt and grit.


The Garmont 9.81 Heli shoes are performance-oriented, designed for outdoor activities and high-intensity sports. Specifically marketed towards mountaineers and climbers, the Garmont 9.81 Heli model has also received positive reviews for its performance in other activities, including USPSA matches.

Looking at the customers’ reviews, many have stated that the Garmont 9.81 Heli shoe offers excellent support, stability and grip. I have worn the Garmont 9.81 Heli shoes at both indoor matches at Parabellum and outdoors at the Wyoming Antelope Club (The WAC) at the USPSA Florida State Match. Going from the slick floors of the indoor range to the loose dirt at the WAC, I had no issues with traction.

These shoes have also received positive reviews for their durability and breathability, as well as their comfortable fit. Since I wear Orthotics for my Plantar Fasciitis, it can sometimes be difficult for me to find shoes that fit right and that are comfortable. This was not an issue with the Garmont 9.81 Heli shoes. The Orthotics didn’t make the shoes feel too tight, and wearing them all day at the range was still comfortable.

The Garmont 9.81 Heli shoe is a well-designed performance shoe that is well-suited for high-intensity sports and activities, giving the user good support and traction for USPSA matches. Its combination of support, stability and comfort makes it a top choice for competitive shooters who demand the best from their equipment. Pamper your feet—it is no fun to slide all over the place and have sore feet halfway through a match.

Garmont is a respected brand in the footwear industry, known for its commitment to quality, comfort and sustainability. The wide range of Garmont products, and focus on meeting the demands of various outdoor activities, make the company a popular choice for customers who demand the best from their footwear.

The price listed at the Garmont website for the 9.81 Heli shoes is $135. Learn more at

Article from the March/April 2023 issue of USPSA’s magazine.


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