Review: Legion Targets—One Is Many

at USPSA posted on January 29, 2021

Setting up targets for practice sessions takes time, but why not make it easier? Legion Targets, a company based in Lehi, Utah, has created several steel targets and stands to help make this task easier.

Legion Targets
Once you hit the range, making the most of your time is important. Legion Targets will help.

The company motto is “One is Many” when it comes to the target system. You start with the Legion Target Base ($140), which has four key features:

  • AR500 armored steel
  • Portability
  • Affordability
  • Stability

Made of ¼-inch AR500 steel, when folded the Legion Target Base sports a compact 24x4x6-inch footprint for easy storage and transport. These stands are also designed to nest with other stands to save space while in storage. When set up, the base measures 48 inches from leg to leg, which provides stability for holding steel targets. The stand has an arrow-shaped slot cut that holds a standard 2x4, and with the legs opened is robust enough to handle the multiple styles of Legion Targets available. In addition, the stand requires no bolts or tools for assembly. Simply swing the legs open and place a 2x4 in the slot.

The next pieces are the brackets that fit on the 2x4 (ranges from $37 to $61). When the design team at Legion Targets started working on these, they kept things simple by using only AR500 steel and championing a design that allowed the brackets to be placed at angles on the 2x4 that minimize the destruction caused by bullet impacts. Let’s face it, if it is downrange, it will get hit. The next step was to eliminate all the welds, bolts, screws or any other retaining hardware. These are all parts of brackets that get shot, break and always seem to disappear. The Legion Targets bracket goes over the top of the 2x4, and by angling it on the wood, allows you to set the height that you want. The front and back parts of the bracket brace it against the wood from moving, and adding the weight of the target will “lock” it in place on the stand. Brackets are available in single, zone and hostage set-ups.

Legion Targets examples
From left: Legion C Zone Silhouette Kit ($310), Ultimate Rimfire Kit ($150).

Now that you have the stand with the 2x4 in place and the bracket on the wood, add a steel target. There are several to choose from, including 6-, 8-, 10-, 12- and 18-inch gongs ($108 to $240 depending on size), along with the Legion Silhouette Size C shapes ($310 for the kit). The steel targets use no bolts, no chains and no tools for set-up. The steel target plate slides easily into the mounting bracket, and is held in place with friction and gravity. The innovative design of the bracket and target work together by inserting the top T-shape of the target into the slot cut into the bracket, and the weight locks the bracket down onto the wood. The targets are made from ⅜-inch AR500 steel and there is no mounting hardware to dampen the vibration of the steel, or to break or cause unpredictable ricochets. The plate is hung in place, and rings loudly when struck. The audible feedback for shooters is a nice touch. Plus, since the Legion Target design ditches mounting hardware, users can rotate the face of the target easily, distributing impacts evenly on both sides of the plate and thereby extending the life of the target.

Legion Gong Kit
Legion Gong Kit, 6-inch gong ($110).

If you choose to get the zone or hostage brackets, check out the Legion Targets Vital Zones kit ($420). This target has openings in vital zones that work with the 6-inch head plate and the 8-inch chest plate. Targets hang on the zone bracket behind the larger size C, adding to range sessions. Parts can be purchased individually, or as a kit that includes the target stand, one of the brackets and the target set-up you want.

Adaptable, modular and portable, the Ultimate Rimfire Kit ($150) allows a shooter to hang steel plates, clay pigeons and paper targets. Again, no tools are required for assembly and it's made from ¼-inch A36 steel suitable for use with .22 LR ammunition. The kit ships with everything you need, including 6-, 4-, 3- and 2-inch gong steel targets and a clay pigeon and paper target holder. All insert into the supplied stand. There are also 10 paper targets that are shipped with the Ultimate Rimfire Kit. If that isn’t enough, there is a large selection of jumping targets available for purchase, as well as paper targets and associated target stands.

Visit the Legion Targets website to see more innovative designs. Also, check out Legion Targets at the upcoming USPSA Nationals, where target kits will be available at the demo bays for shooters to check out.

Article from the January/February 2021 issue of USPSA’s FrontSight magazine.

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