What’s In Your Range Bag, Camdyn Powers?

As Camdyn Powers became more involved in the precision rifle community, the range became her home away from home.

posted on April 5, 2024
Rangebag Camdynpowers 2
At the NRL22 Championship in July 2023, Camdyn Powers earned Top Woman and Ladies season champion honors.
Photo courtesy of Camdyn Powers

Meet precision rifle competitor Camdyn Powers, who finished second in the Open Ladies category at the 2023 International Precision Rifle Federation Rimfire World Championship held in Italy last summer. Learn what she keeps in her range bag.

Camdyn Powers
For precision rifle competition, Camdyn Powers uses gear from Burris Optics, Wiebad, OBi and Vudoo Gunworks.


What are your first memories of handling a firearm?

My dad taught me how to use a pink Crickett .22-cal. rifle when I was three. I remember visiting our local range as a young girl, and hunting has always been a part of our family life—this began my love affair with precision rifle competition.

Tell us how you began in competitive shooting?

I started competing in precision rifle at age 17 after my dad introduced me to PRS and NRL rimfire. My family encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and compete for the first time in September 2020.

Please share with us some of your major shooting accomplishments.

After a lot of hard work, I traveled to Italy as one of the 22 members of Team USA for the first-ever IPRF Rimfire World Championship, which was one of the most brutal matches I have ever shot. Competing against the world’s best shooters pushed me to my best. I placed 12th overall and earned silver in Open Ladies division. In addition, I was Top Woman and the 2023-2024 Ladies season champion at the NRL22 Championship in July 2023.

Camdyn Powers and precision rifle
Regarding precision rifle competition, Powers said, “There is always something new to learn and skills to refine.”


What firearms and other gear do you use for competition?

My rifle build is a Vudoo Gunworks V22 Action with a Bartlein 20-inch steel barrel, which sits in an XLR Envy Pro chassis. My optic is a Burris XTR Pro with SCR2 reticle, it’s secured to my rifle by a Spuhr mount paired with an MDT Sendit level and Brandt Built Concepts cant indicator. The tool-less re-zeroing system of the Burris XTR Pro is solid, and the clarity of glass makes a difference for seeing impacts and spotting trace. I also use a TriggerTech Special trigger and MDT Ckye-Pod bipod.

Wiebad Gear designs and builds my support bags. My go-to bags are the Waxed Canvas Mini Fortune Cookie and Behemoth rear support pillow. Additionally, I always carry their plate bag attached to a steel, removable plate.

The OBi Link system is a game changer. One piece attaches to my rifle, the other connects to my backpack strap. The two pieces clip together. This design negates the need for a sling and eliminates the weight of my rifle while carrying it around. It is secure and allows me to carry other gear with my free hands.

Vudoo’s V22 action features full-control round feeding rather than using a feed ramp. This design produces accuracy and is crafted for precision, which is valuable when every impact counts and targets are small.

Another helpful accessory for shooting is Bluetooth hearing protection. I listen to music before a stage, which keeps me focused and helps me concentrate on my mental process.

Shooting off a rock
Camdyn Powers competing with her .22 LR rifle and Burris XTR Pro optic.


Tell us about your range bag and what you carry in it besides your firearms?

I use a KUIU Icon Pro 1850 backpack. For my petite stature, I like the custom features for sizing on this bag. It’s not too small, yet not too large. Everything I need fits in it, and I have used it to ruck five miles or more in a centerfire team match. Besides necessities like my rifle, bags, ammo and magazines, I always carry my Kestrel 5700 Elite with Applied Ballistics—I never leave home without it. Also in my bag are cleaning supplies, gun cover, safety block, replacement parts and batteries, a small notebook, a deck of cards (because you never know when a rain or fog delay will happen) and plenty of snacks for my squad and me. I am a Colorado-based shooter, so you never know what the weather will throw at you. I always carry a beanie, gloves, hand warmers and my First Lite Boundary Stormtight waterproof pants, which also serve as a wind block.

What would you tell someone interested in finding out more about your sport?

Precision rifle continues to grow, especially in the rimfire community. If anyone is interested in the sport, they should visit the Precision Rifle Series, National Rifle League rimfire and pro websites, or a local club.

Any tips for new shooters?

Do whatever works best for you. There are many gear choices and opinions. Ultimately, you need to do what works best for your physical and mental game. This is an individual sport—get out on the range and have fun.


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