Competitors’ Corner: November 2017

posted on November 9, 2017

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Five Great Action Pistols Under $700
Five Great Action Pistols Under $700.

Just in time for Christmas shopping, Field Editor Chris Christian has provided us with a great round-up of affordable action pistols for November’s Product Focus. He has outlined five great semi-automatic pistols from five different manufacturers, all of which retail for under $700. Each is an excellent choice for stock or production class in several different action shooting disciplines.

Grand American World Trapshooting Championships
Grand American World Trapshooting Championships.

The 2017 Grand American World Trapshooting Championships were held at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex in Sparta, IL, this past August. I traveled to the event near the conclusion, but was able to shoot one of the handicap matches at this huge event—which can be best described as the largest and “Grandest” trapshoot this shooter has ever had the pleasure of attending. Read my report, and additionally watch this video with 2017 Grand American highlights.

2017 NRA World Shooting Championship
2017 NRA World Shooting Championship.

The fourth annual NRA World Shooting Championship was definitely one for the history books, with pro shooter Greg Jordan joining the prestigious club of “World Shooting Champion,” joining the three previous winners Daniel Horner, Bruce Piatt and Doug Koenig. Jordan won the $25,000 grand prize at this rapidly-growing tournament that has all guns and ammo provided for participants, and features 12 challenging stages drawn from several disciplines. Learn about this year’s WSC. Bonusread Chris Cerino’s tips on shooting the match.

Why Dry Fire? Part 2 of 2
Why Dry Fire? Part 2.

Why dry fire? Author Jim Shults first asked this question in the October issue, focusing in part 1 on the fundamentals and pistols. Dry fire practice will help with muscle memory if you do it correctly, develop muscle tone, improve target reaction speed, and make for a steadier hold. In part 2 this month, he goes over techniques for dry-firing with rifles and shotguns. The goal of the series is to hopefully help you become a better competitive shooter. Read the conclusion to Why Dry Fire.

Reporters Welcome
In our efforts to recruit more reporters, we frequently hear the comment: “But I’m not a writer.” What people overlook is that they are on the scene, hearing and seeing the action first-hand. Editing and completing the article is our job, so if you’d like to try your hand at sharing draft reports and photographs from national-level matches or interviews with key people in the shooting sports, please email us at [email protected].


Mk Wigger 2
Mk Wigger 2

Legends: Mary Kay Wigger 1939-2023

Mary Kay Wigger received her 30-year volunteer pin at the NRA National Matches in 2013.

Eley Minor 9: USPSA & NROI Official Calibration Ammunition

Eley Minor 9 USPSA/NROI Calibration ammo will be available to the public via Killough Shooting Sports.

Review: Stag Arms Stag 15 3-Gun Rifle

The feature-rich Stag 15 3-Gun rifle is chambered in .223 Wylde and designed to excel in multi-gun competition.

USPSA History: A Blast From The Past

The USPSA Historical Preservation Committee's Donna Webb seeks a reunion of the Originals and a Legends match.

Review: SIG Sauer P226 XFive

This 9 mm single-action-only pistol is designed for maximum performance.

Team Beretta Shooters Shine At 2023 USA Shooting Shotgun Nationals

Team Beretta had a golden performance earlier this month at Hillsdale College during the 2023 USA Shooting Shotgun Nationals.


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