Federal Adds 24-Gram International Loads To Gold Medal Grand Plastic Line

posted on March 28, 2019
Competitive clay target shooters take note: Federal is adding two new 24-gram international loads to the Gold Medal Grand Plastic target shotshell line.

The two new 12-gauge, 2¾-inch 24-gram loads come in No. 7.5 shot and No. 9 shot versions. They share a velocity of 1335 fps.

Common features for both of the new loads are the rigid PrimerLock head to improve primer sensitivity, along with SoftCell wad technology to reduce any felt recoil. 
The SoftCell two-piece wads also produces more uniform patterns than one-piece designs.

The integral base wad maximizes reloadability. Additionally, the lead shot has been engineered to provide an ideal blend of hardness and density for high downrange power.

MSRP for both versions of the new Federal Gold Medal Grand Plastic 24-gram international loads is $11.95 per 25-shell box. They are on the way to dealers now.

Learn more at www.FederalPremium.com.


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