Metal Madness, Rimfire Challenge Join Forces To Grow Shooting Sports

Metal Madness and Rimfire Challenge have announced a new partnership to help advance the shooting sports.

posted on November 3, 2023
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Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association President Peter Swenson (l.) and Metal Madness President Ed White are pictured above at the 2023 Rimfire Challenge World Championship at Cavern Cove in Woodville, Ala., on October 22.
Screenshot courtesy of Metal Madness/Rimfire Challenge

Metal Madness and the Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association recently announced a new collaborative effort to grow both shooting disciplines.

The two organizations now plan to help each other attract new competitors and support existing ones, as well as sharing resources.

Over the past few years, there had been some issues between members of the Rimfire Challenge Board of Directors and Metal Madness leadership. After Peter Swenson and Lori O’Rear took the reins of the Rimfire Challenge Board of Directors, Ed White, the president of Metal Madness met with them at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas, Nev., this past January to initiate a conversation about ending the feud and how to grow both organizations.

To further showcase this spirit of unity, last month White visited the 2023 Rimfire Challenge World Championship at Alabama’s Cavern Cove Competitive Shooting Center, where the new partnership was announced with a video.

Although they are two different shooting sports, there is much crossover between Metal Madness and Rimfire Challenge, with both groups attracting similar competitors and industry sponsorship.

“Regarding Metal Madness, we aren’t a competition—we’re a shooting sport”, Metal Madness President Ed White said. “We have a sport that’s designed to get people pulling triggers and having fun. I want people participating in all types of competition and enjoying themselves.”

“Ed and I share a common love of the shooting sports,” Rimfire Challenge President Peter Swenson said. “Our whole goal is to get people hooked on shooting and the Second Amendment.”

Metal Madness was developed at founder Ed White’s backyard in Kentucky. After much experimentation with target layout and finding just the right mix of speed and accuracy, Metal Madness has rapidly grown, while keeping an emphasis on leveling the playing field. A unique shooting sport, Metal Madness allows shooters to compete shoulder-to-shoulder, at any age or skill level.

More about the Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association: “Our goal is to continue to support the format established by Ruger Rimfire and continued by the NSSF Rimfire Challenge. The Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association will be a clearinghouse for participants and scheduled matches, provide the framework for events through the RCSA rulebook, promote Rimfire competition to interested individuals and organizations, support the efforts of beginning competitors and clubs, and solicit support for Rimfire events from organizations and industry interested in sustaining a shooting sport that provides opportunities for participants of all skill levels.”

One of the main goals of the new partnership is to expand access and awareness about both organizations and their respective competitions, especially for new gun owners.

“Many of the millions of new firearm owners out there do not have any idea how or where to use them. With all the different shooting sports in this country, we need to actively reach out and encourage them to come to the range,” White said. “The shooting community is small, but it does not have to be. Shooting sports people are mentors and teachers. We can come together and make some positive noise. We do not need to close highways or burn down buildings to be heard. We just need to work together and invite people from all walks of life to come along with us to the range.”

While Metal Madness and Rimfire Challenge have joined together to grow the shooting sports, both organizations will retain their original configurations.

“Metal Madness will remain MMSSA, LLC and the Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association will remain the same,” White said. “We are just working together.”

Learn more about Metal Madness and the Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association.


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