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posted on August 25, 2016
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Above: Gabby Franco shooting the SilencerCo side match at last year's NRA World Shooting Championship.

The 2016 NRA World Shooting Championship will be held September 15-17 at the Peacemaker National Training Center in Glengary, WV. The competition gathers the top shooters in the world to compete in a comprehensive contest of competitive shooting sports, with stages in pistol, rifle, shotgun, and combined firearms disciplines. Last year Bruce Piatt won $25,000 after being crowned the 2015 NRA World Shooting Champion.

First through third place overall will win cash prizes. Additionally, there will be large Stock Professional and Amateur prize tables, with at least $250,000 in cash and prizes offered.

At the 2015 championship, Champion Bruce Piatt and High Woman Dianna Muller won $25,000 and $10,000, respectively.

There have been some changes in the format of the championship from last year. Shooters will still have to prove their marksmanship skills over twelve challenging shooting stages. New for 2016, shooters are able to register in one of three divisions: Open Professional, Stock Professional or Amateur.

Pro competitors can compete with their own equipment this year in the Open Pro Division. Stock Professional competitors and Amateurs not bringing any equipment and ammo are covered with all the firearms and ammunition provided at the match. The match begins Thursday, September 15, through Saturday, September 17. The awards banquet will follow the match on Saturday, September 17 at 8 p.m.

NRA General Operations Executive Director Kyle Weaver said, “This year, we’ve introduced changes to allow professional shooters the opportunity to use their own firearms and ammunition, giving them the ability to compete with the gear they train with in order to maximize their chances of being crowned champion.”

Open Professional
The Open Professional Division is for sponsored shooters who wish to bring their own firearms and ammunition for competition. A professional is considered any individual who received financial support, products, or service in support of competitive shooting activitiesOpen Professionals will only be eligible for cash prize awards. An Open Professional can be a member of the military.

Firearms must match the platform type, optics type and caliber of those firearms being provided by the NRA. The firearm does not have to be an exact match, but can vary in barrel length, stock configuration, and optics power. An example is a stage where the provided firearm and ammunition is an AR15 platform in .223/5.56mm caliber; the Open Professional's firearm must also be an AR15 platform in .223/5.56mm caliber. If optics are allowed on the provided firearm, than the Open Professional is also allowed to compete with a matching optic. Open Professionals will only be allowed the same round count as authorized to other competitors on that stage.

Pro shooter Craig Outzen competing in the 2015 Precision Pistol Stage.

Stock Professional
Essentially, the Stock Professional division is for pro shooters who plan on competing with all host-provided firearms and ammunition. A Stock Professional is anyone who meets the definition of a "Professional" (above), but who does not bring any personal firearms/ammunition to the competition and uses, in all stages the firearms and ammunition made available to all competitors. Stock Professionals may be a member of the military as well.

The Amateur Division is for shooters who are not sponsored and will compete with all firearms and ammunition provided. An Amateur is anyone who does not meet the definition of the Professional (above), who does not bring any personal firearms/ammunition to the competition, and uses, in all stages, the firearms and ammunition made available to all competitors. You should register as an Amateur if you do not receive any financial support, products or services in competitive shooting activities, are not a member of the military, and plan to use all provided firearms and ammunition provided.

Match conditions
Copied from the 2016 Match Program:

The NRA has a rich and vibrant history of involvement in the shooting sports. We want every competitor to enjoy themselves and realize what a privilege they have at being able to compete here. There are many people who would like this opportunity but, for a variety of reasons, simply cannot. As such, it is our intention that this championship be a display of good sportsmanship and a test of marksmanship skills, and not a test of one’s ability to “game” the system. It is intended that each competitor engage and hit every target presented to them. Match Staff will carefully watch each competitor as they proceed through the course of fire. If the Match Staff believes that a competitor is “gaming” the system, by any means, the competitor shall be disqualified with forfeiture of entry fees. So, go forth, compete hard, enjoy the camaraderie and have fun.

The different side matches proved popular with competitors last year.
Mulligan card
A Mulligan card will be available for use by Stock Pros and Amateurs only. Open Professionals may not obtain or use a Mulligan card. Stock Professionals may purchase only one Mulligan card for $50 prior to the start of competition. Amateur competitors will each receive a free Mulligan card in their competitor packet at registration.

Whenever a Mulligan card is used to refire a stage, the score of the refired stage is the score that stands.  The score from the first attempt at firing the event is disregarded, even though it might be a higher score. The Mulligan card can be used to re-fire any stage for any reason (other than safety violations), but must be used prior to the first shot of the next competitor on that stage. Failure to use the Mulligan card immediately negates using the card on that stage, however the card may be used on other stages yet to be fired.

The competitor registration fee includes guns, ammo, and one awards banquet ticket. Competitors must be at least 12 years of age to participate in the match. Participants may purchase up to two additional guest banquet tickets at match registration. Below are the match fees broken down by division.

  • Open Professional: $395
  • Stock Professional: $395
  • Amateur: $325
  • Junior: $325

For the USPSA stage, competitors shoot a 9mm pistol with iron sights at steel plates.
Competitors may choose to fire the stages of the match at their discretion. Skipping any stages will decrease the overall match score, but does not prohibit a competitor from participating.

Since there is approximately a quarter of a million dollars' worth of cash and prizes at stake, all participants should choose to fire each stage so they can get the highest score possible. See below for the top payouts. 

  • World Shooting Champion: $25,000
  • Second Place Overall: $5,000
  • Third Place Overall: $4,000
  • Lady Champion: $3,000
  • Second Place Lady: $2,000

For more information or to register, please go to


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USPSA Rules 3

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