Henning Group: New Gear For 2023

The Henning Group has been moving full steam ahead since last year’s release of the T-1000 holster hanger.

at USPSA posted on May 23, 2023
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Henning Group

The Henning Group led by Henning Wallgren hasn’t slowed down since the release of its holster hanger—the T-1000—last year. The company continues to come up with new and innovative accessories for the competitive shooting market.

The T-1000 holster hanger is the flagship offering, but now there are two additional hangers available. First is the T-800, that offers many of the same features as the T-1000, with a few less adjustments and a more compact design. The T-800 will mount to all the popular Kydex offerings with the standard Blade-Tech, G-Code and Blackhawk hole patterns. The hanger also sits a little closer to the body than its big brother the T-1000. There are still three ways to adjust the holster, with forward and rearward cant angle, the toe, or pointing angle of the gun and the height of the holster with seven different levels. The hanger is also 100 percent ambidextrous.

Henning Group T-X hanger
Henning Group T-X holster hangers ($74.95).


Next up is the new T-X hanger for holsters. This is a more compact and simpler hanger, but still offers the ability to adjust it. There are height levels, low and high, which are one inch apart. You are still able to adjust the forward and rearward angles and you can also adjust the angle of the holster to closer or further away from your body. In addition, the mounting pattern is the same as the T-800.

Both of the new hangers are available now on the Henning Group website in a variety of colors. The T-X is a great value with MSRP of $74.95, and the T-800 is priced at $109.95.

For the T-1000, there are several new accessories available for the hanger. You can get a new Spare Shuttle Assembly, which will now allow you to have multiple holster options to use with the same hanger on the belt setup you have. If you want to use the same belt and mag pouches, but swap your holster, all you have to do now is change the Shuttle Assembly. These are $74.95 MSRP and come in four different mounting options for holsters.

Glider Pads are also ready for the T-1000. These mount to the back of the T-1000 that help to support the holster against the body and are a bit more comfortable. It keeps the hanger solid against the thigh during draw stroke as well. Price is $29.95.

The Henning Group website also lists spare belt attachments for the T-1000 available in two different widths, 1.5- and 1.75-inch, and comes complete with straps and hardware to mount. Henning Group now has several different mounting plate patterns with the T-Plate priced at $24.95. With all of these options and accessories now available, all of the popular holsters you have can now mount to the T-1000.

In addition, Henning is offering new designs for his popular line of magazine extensions. The easy on-and-off toolless extensions have become extremely popular. The new design has taken the spring-loaded steel detent and moved it to the front. This eliminates where the older design couldn’t lay flat with the rear of the extension surface not being flat. Getting these and off are very easy and take very little effort. I could load 22 rounds in the factory 18-round magazines. These are 22+1 with factory follower, but with aftermarket follower and spring 24+1 at the start and 23 reloadable. These extensions also work with the factory Canik magwell that comes installed on the SFx Rival-S pistol if you are looking at the provisional Limited Optics division. Drop the magwell and you are ready for Carry Optics.

Visit the Henning Group website at henningshop.com to see all of the latest innovations in holster hangers, as well as extensions to maximize your magazine capacity.

Article from the May/June 2023 issue of USPSA’s magazine.


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