Maximize Capacity With MBX Extreme Gear

In action shooting, capacity is king, and MBX Extreme magazines will help up your game to the next level.

at USPSA posted on June 6, 2023
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Above: MBX Extreme CZ magazines start at $109.
Jake Martens

Capacity is king, and MBX will take you there with their latest offerings. Whether it is for Carry Optics, Limited Optics or the company's already most popular Open division magazines, MBX will make sure that you have all the rounds you can stuff in a magazine.

The new 140 mm magazines for 1911 and 2011 double-stack firearms such as the Staccatos and the Springfield Prodigy have a capacity of 24 rounds and reloadable. I was able to get 23 rounds hand loading, but to get that 24th round in the magazine, I needed a mag loader to do it. There have been a few tips videos on the MBX social media pages that show the best way to get the maximum capacity out of the magazines.

The new magazines sport a newly-designed spring and follower to achieve the 24 rounds. The video tip is to load 10 with the magazine loader, then work the spring and follower down some with the loader to compress the spring, then load another 10 rounds, and repeat that process. The next four rounds, you want to work the spring down with the loader so that the rounds are aligned and the spring is compressed.

There are also new springs and followers, the MBX “Ultra Max” that can be used for CZ, Canik, Beretta, Glocks and SIG 320 and 365 factory magazines. Adrian Cobb from MBX partnered up with Henning Walgren from Henning Group to offer the best performance and capacity for factory magazines and the Henning basepads. Taking the Henning basepad for the 21- or 17-round SIG 320 magazine with the “Ultra Max” MBX spring and follower, you can get 24 rounds. Make sure that you order the right basepad for the right factory capacity magazine.

MBX’s website has these parts broken down, and are also offering individual replacement springs or followers. Additionally, check out the new magazines that MBX is offering for the Caniks, Berettas, Glocks and CZs—all metal bodies with MBX basepads, springs and followers that are ready to go. For the CZs, they are offering 24-round small frame magazines for the Shadows, 75B and SP-01, and they have magazines for the large-frame CZs like the CZ75 TS. Running a Glock? MBX has you covered there as well, with the steel bodied 140 mm 24-round magazines.

Most of the MBX magazines are offered in black or stainless finish, with some choices in basepad colors. Learn about all the magazines, tubes, springs, followers and accessories to maximize the capacity of your firearm at

Article from the May/June 2023 issue of USPSA’s magazine.


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